Blue Star Standard International is one of the leading Professional Development and Leadership Training company within the Maritime industry, providing Human Resource Management and Crisis Management Support to Seafarers, Management companies and Yacht Owners.

Our unique Training Programs, Coaching & Counselling Sessions focus on getting the team to consistently operate at its optimum level with consistency within a Just Culture.  By Eliminating common Communication, Management and Leadership mistakes that stand in the way of creating and maintaining long-term relationships, you will discover how to speak to others in a way that keeps individual and group attention while maintaining respect and credibility.

We are here to support your success when you subscribe to our Exclusive B.S.S follow-up and After Training programs, Helpline services, Coaching & Counselling packages. These packages apply particularly to the areas of maritime safety and welfare of our seafarers.

Our mission is to create a legacy of Influential Leaders in the Maritime and Corporate world.

Fiona Johnson

Bestselling Author
Certified Success Coach
DISC Certified Trainer/Teacher
Motivational Speaker

About the Trainer

Fiona Johnson is the CEO and Founder of Blue Star Standard International and Speak Hope International, Leadership Professional Development Trainer & Instructor, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, and a Best-Selling Author in “Empower Your Life,” & “Expert Profiles v.5”.  She has been featured in the media including interviews and magazines.   Her companies are dedicated to helping others realign their perspective to achieve greatness in themselves and others.

Scope of Work – To empower leaders and Managers to lead with confidence, consistency, and self-awareness and cultivate strategic relationships of influence to ensure sustainable staff and crew relationships onboard in areas of Management, Communication, and Leadership skills.

Trainer’s Credentials

* 14+ Years of Maritime Services
* Maritime Consultant
* ISM & ISPS & DPA Certificate
* MLC Certificate
* HELM Instructor – Management/Operation – PYTUSA
* Psychology Degree
* Pre-Law Degree
* Certified DISC Trainer
* Certified Life Coach
* Best Selling Author
* Powerful You – Learning Center Teacher
* Counselling Skills Practitioner Certificate
* Mental Health Certificate
* NLP for Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Mental Fitness & Wellbeing
* Mindfulness for Mental Health, Personal Growth, and Inner Peace Certificate
* Contributing Author – Superyacht News